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CSI Bookkeeping, Inc
CSI Bookkeeping, Inc.
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CSI Bookkeeping provides cost-effective solutions to your bookkeeping headaches.  Our unique firm has combined the strengths and experiences of the three co-founders to ensure quality services at reasonable prices. 

How Are We Different?

CSI is a bookkeeping firm, not a business providing individual bookkeepers.  While you will have one bookkeeper for your business, our entire team is available to support you and your assigned bookkeeper with any questions they may have.  This ensures all questions are answered timely and correctly because we won’t have to reach out to a CPA firm for answers.  

We hand select a person with both the bookkeeping abilities and personality that your business prefers and we guarantee that you will always have a bookkeeper.  If our employee (your bookkeeper) leaves us, a new bookkeeper will be trained on your company by us and seamlessly transitioned to your books.  Once you hire us, you’ll never have to hire another bookkeeper again.

Even though we are located in New York, we can do bookkeeping for clients throughout the entire United States. 

Who Are Our Bookkeepers?

All of our bookkeepers have a BS in a business related field and are fully trained in bookkeeping or have at least 15 years bookkeeping experience.  All of our employees have passed extensive background checks to help ensure your books are in safe hands. 

While all of our bookkeepers are fully trained, our entire team works as a support system to make sure every inquiry your business has can be taken care of quickly and accurately.