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Why Outsource?

Five Benefits of Outsourcing Bookkeeping:

  1. Time: When a business outsources their books, all of the time that was spent on bookkeeping can now be used to focus on other aspects of the business or personal time.  Having to focusing on backend office functions such as categorizing expenses takes away from more pertinent business operations like increasing your customer base and perfecting your services. 
  3. Money: Outsourcing bookkeeping relieves you from paying part-time or full-time wages plus benefits and it eliminates your liability associated with the employee.  You only pay for what you need and nothing more.
  5. Group Expertise: By hiring a bookkeeping firm instead of your own employee, you reap the benefits of having an entire company dedicated to getting your business the right answers quickly and efficiently.  Your books are in the hands of a skilled bookkeeper with an extensive support team.  You receive full-time knowledge at a part-time price.
  7. Business Decisions: With round the clock up-to-date and accurate books, you can make business decisions at the drop of a hat.  You can easily see what expenses you should minimize and what areas you can afford to expand.  This can only be done when you are confident your books and financial reports are accurate, which outsourcing to a reliable firm does. 
  9. Taxes: By having a company keep your books up-to-date, expenditures are accurately tracked enabling your business to claim all available tax deductions and credits.  If books aren’t consistently and properly maintained, your business may not be receiving all of the tax benefits available to you.   Bookkeeping firms also maintain accurate records of all transactions which are invaluable come an audit.